Shaun White Ain’t So Terrible

There’s something about Shaun White that’s so easy to hate. It’s a toss up between the hair or his top-shelf smugness. I’ll admit the main reason to root against him could be the fact that for over a decade he’s collected more gold than Lil Wayne’s mouth. He’s the Godzilla to the rest of the world’s Tokyo. However, even the most jingoistic patriotic American can agree the media’s fawning over Shaun White is over the top.

Before the Games began he bowed out of slope style because the course didn’t have a friendly vibe and instead wanted to focus on the halfpipe. With that decision it was settled, Shaun White was Darth Vader. So when he failed to medal in last night’s halfpipe a part of me had all the feels of someone who takes great satisfaction in the misfortune of others. I had a grin the Cheshire Cat would be envious of after this missed trick.


But then Shaun White, like Darth, flipped the script and redeemed himself by showing a tonne of humility and good sportsmanship when he congratulated gold medal winner, Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov.


That embrace (awkward as hell as I-Pod let it linger) was a great show of Olympic spirit. I’m sure White was absolutely crushed that he didn’t achieve his ‘Three-peat’ but he showed true graciousness in defeat and seemed genuinely happy for Podladtchikov.

Shaun White, you’re not so terrible after all. Your band on the other hand.


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