Recap: Canucks vs. Blues – February 26, 2014

For 51 minutes of last night’s game:

Not Ken Hitchcock sleeping.

Not Ken Hitchcock sleeping.

Then Hansen scored to make it make it 1-0 and I accidentally rhymed this:

Even though the game was Joan Rivers ugly, the Canucks shutout one of the top teams in the NHL and broke a horrible losing streak. Eddie Lack has been a revelation this year. His enormous size belies his quickness and fluid technique. Lack’s movement in the butterfly is so smooth. Very little movement is wasted and he is usually in a perfect blocking position while in it. The kid has put in the work this year and it has paid off. Looks like the Canucks are back to a 1 and 1A goalie situation.

While not a work of art, wins are paramount, ugly or otherwise at this time of year. The days of Sedin-ary are pretty much in the Canuck’s rear view mirror so get used to extra greasy wins.  When the best pass of the night was a no-looker from Tom “Enough cement in my Hands to build a Skyscraper” Sestito, you just know that this will be a difficult stretch run for the Vancouver Canucks. If they hope to sneak into a playoff position Lu and Lack will have to play lights out as scoring goals may be harder than convincing my parents that it’s ok not to reuse plastic restaurant take-out containers.

That Alex Edler GIF tho:



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