Golden Girls

Not these ones:


These beauties!


That was a heart pounding finish filled with so many emotions. I was literally on the edge of my seat chewing my finger nails off. Another classic chapter written for one of the greatest rivalries in all of hockey sports. It’s obvious that there is no love lost between these two powerhouses or Twitter fans for that matter. Everyone knew since 2010 that it would come down to Canada vs. the US for gold. Every other nation plays for bronze.

Early I tweeted this:

Boy am I eating my words now. That was probably the most exciting hockey game that I’ve watched since the Vancouver Canuck’s Stanley Cup run. Both teams played hard nosed hockey and showed a ton of skill and heart. The story that was woven will be told by generations. Canada down by two late in the third period, pulls one back with 3 minutes left then the TSN turning point:


A. Game. Of. Centimeters. That’s what you call destiny folks.

When that puck hit the post I knew that the gold medal was half way around Canada’s neck. The hockey gods do not lie. Three comical penalties later by a referee that was clearly out of her depth, a gaping net for the golden goal and the good guys were in full dog pile mode.


There is no greater feeling to be down late in the third period, battle back and snatch a victory out of your opponent’s hands. I’ve experienced it and it’s magical. These players did the nation proud and did the impossible, made me love that Petro-Canada jersey!

This never gets old.